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Emily, the Forever Kitten

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What size are the dresses and what dolls do they fit? 

Each dress is a slightly different size and shape, but in general, most of my dresses fit 18 and 16 -inch dolls. Brands that they fit include My Generation, Journey Girls, Madame Alexander, Springfield Collection, Kindred Heart,  and My Life dolls.​

  • Do the dresses fit American Girl Dolls?

Unfortunately, most of my dresses are a bit small on American Girl Dolls, but some of them fit:)​

  • What material are the dresses made of?

The dresses are 100% natural cotton calico. ​

  • How do I wash the dresses? 

When washing the dresses, hand wash in cold water with gentle soap and hang up to dry. ​

  • How long do the dresses take to complete? 

When I first started sewing, they took several days, but the process of cutting, sewing, adding trim, and touches takes about four hours if I'm making a standard dress. ​

  • Are the dresses sewn from a pattern or patterns?

Most of my dresses are cut out from pattern pieces, and improvised for details. ​

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Pink Prairie
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