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                I have always adored pretty things, floral fabric, and all the beautiful and fun accessories that make a doll dress, so I have loved sewing ever since I discovered it as a child. Creating dresses from different times and places, different patterns and designs, and different colors and sizes has been one of the things I enjoy most about sewing.

               For the doll dresses that I sew, I like to recreate dresses that I would have loved wearing when I was a little girl, and even some that I would wear now as a teenager. I had many pretty, old fashioned dresses and always loved them for my entire childhood, and I always liked getting new clothes for my many dolls. Dolls were such a large part of my childhood, and it is really because of them that I ever started sewing in the first place.

When I’m not sewing, I enjoy photography, reading, writing, and caring for                                     my   beloved  pet  fancy   mice.

Nina Alexandra 37.jpeg


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